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Why choose Southern Colorado Surveying?

Land surveys done by us show all improvements within and adjoining to the subject survey. Improvements can include homes, barns, sheds, driveways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, fences, rivers, creeks, ditches, and observable utilities.

Why are improvements important?

Along with boundaries, improvements reflect occupation and lines of possession that a property owner believes to be their own. This information helps in establishing claims of ownership in an easy way, if the deeded title isn't clear.


Improvements also can uncover any intrusions from adjacent property owners. Over time, such encroachments can result in adverse claims.

Referenced research

Land survey plats performed by Southern Colorado Surveying show reference to the research completed and used to establish the boundaries of the survey.


Research included on the plat references recording and/or filing information of existing land survey plats, subdivision survey plats, highway right-of-way maps, Bureau of Land Management plats, and conveyances such as deeds and easements. Our research may also include any quiet title suits that may have been completed by previous owners or by adjacent property owners.

Benefits of showing research

The research we include is shown primarily to avoid survey conflicts. References may be used to indicate that no conflict exists with an existing survey or deed description.


A land surveyor who could be conducting a survey for an adjacent property owner may also use the research information from our plat. This information will assist in establishing the boundaries for the survey and will help in understanding how we established the boundaries of our survey.


Research also assists title companies with their investigations and helps attorneys by showing the information on the plat for documents that are vital if a civil action is necessary.


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